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Includes remixes from Thom alt-J and Thinnen

Shield Patterns is a Manchester-based duo comprised of Claire Brentnall and Richard Knox.

Dusted with delicate vocals and rudimentary beats and loops, Shield Patterns' music is at once wintry and fragile yet suffused with a strong, dark, emotional warmth. Their songs are born in sporadic, cathartic bursts, with subtle lyrics inseparably intertwined with trembling piano phrases, shuddering beats, tenderly blended strings, and hypnotic synth patterns. The understated sweetness of Brentnall's voice is gristled by a dark, brooding atmosphere and subby bass-lines, creating unexpectedly textural songs that are inherently minimalist, yet infectiously hummable.

The name Shield Patterns is a term that Claire invented to describe her experience of living with a form of arithromania: the compulsion to count and internally create patterns from words and numbers. A habitual routine that she has experienced since childhood, these patterns unconsciously became types of personal mantras and means of protection from unresolved anxieties.

After signing to Gizeh Records in June a debut single entitled 'The Rule' was released in September, backed with a remix of the same song by Thom Sonny Green of Mercury Award winners Alt-J. The debut album is set to be released in 2014.


  1. The Rule
  2. The Rule (Thom alt-J Remix)
  3. The Rule (Thinnen Remix)