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RICHARD KNOX & FREDERIC D. OBERLAND || The Rustle of the Stars GZH36

LP || 180g heavyweight LP comes in a beautiful matte finished sleeve with black inner paper sleeve and heavyweight postcard. Includes a free instant download of the entire album in your choice of MP3 or Lossless.

CD || Housed in a 6 panel matte finished digifile sleeve. Includes a free instant download of the entire album in your choice of MP3 or Lossless.

DIGITAL || Download in your choice of MP3 or Lossless.

Exclusive to the Gizeh Store: bonus track 'The Wreck of Hope' (alternate ambient version) included with your download.

"sometimes bleak, sometimes discordant, but always powerful" FLUID RADIO

"an accomplished, evocative musical voyage through the vast arctic seas and beyond" ROCK-A-ROLLA

"What at times can be a very desolate experience, can also by an emotional journey for the listener. The glacial tidal waves of trembling strings and noise sends a shiver down your spine, while at the same time, warms your heart with the albums ever present human touch." NORTHERN TRANSMISSIONS

"No carefree cruise trip, The Rustle of the Stars instead focuses on the darker end of the polar expedition experience, one that finds madness and terror setting in over the course of a long journey that brings with it more than its fair share of hopelessness, anxiety, and thoughts of disaster." TEXTURA

"In order to see this beauty, one must risk everything and perhaps be a little mad. Stunningly enunciated by Knox & Oberland's nuanced approach to songwriting" THE SILENT BALLET 8/10

450 km from the arctic circle, 'The Rustle of the Stars' is a phenomenon of austere beauty, a barely audible noise that occurs when the draught from human breath causes multiple collisions among the ice micro-crystals in the air.

Some words about this record from Richard & Frederic:

We met on tour when performing in Europe with our respective bands Glissando and FareWell Poetry. We had beautiful times, drinking and talking our common grounds whilst some simple ideas formed in our minds: to compose an album together. To imagine a musical passage through the North Pole explorer diaries. To ask some people and some friends to participate. To record the project in a church. To act quickly.

We began to work at our homes in November 2010, In Paris (FR) and in Leeds (UK), with electric guitars, a bunch of pedals, piano, dulcimer, organ, crystal glasses, bows and field recordings, sending and adding ideas together to the tracks, trying to find a global organic sound.

We met in Leeds two months later at the beginning of 2011 to record in the St Margaret of Antioch Church, using a 'wall of sound' process in some of the tracks and arranging / recording the string parts you will hear in the music.

We would like to think of this album as a polar journey to the ends of the earth through the arctic sea. We kept in mind the first polar expeditions, Edgar Allan Poe's Dream-Land, the ships trapped or crushed by ice, the point of no-return, the minds sinking, the attempt on the Pole ending in disaster, the quest of the Northwest Passage, Erebus & Terror, the Mercy Bay, Mangazeya, Charles Francis Hall, Beechey Island, the Midnight sun and the Polar night.


  1. Sleeping Land (Part I)
  2. Mist
  3. Drawing Line to the End of the world
  4. Le Passage du Nord-Ouest
  5. Sea of Bones
  6. A Divide
  7. The Wreck of Hope
  8. Sleeping Land (Part II)
  9. The Wreck of Hope (alternate ambient version)
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